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About Alumni Matters.

Similar to a family, when you have spent time and shared experiences together you form a common bond. Many of these bonds develop through your shared experiences in school. If you feel a strong connection to your alma mater and value your alumni relationships, then alumni matters to you. The Alumni Matters platform was created as a vehicle that you can use to support and help your alumni be successful in their businesses. If you own a business, you can add it to the platform for free and allow alumni consumers to easily find your business using the search tool. Through your alumni relationships, consumers feel a sense of trust in your business, which they can validate with reviews on the platform. There is no other platform today that brings alumni and business together like 

Our Team.

Relationships Built Over Years


Alumni Advantage Group, LLC is a family of alumni friends who have a common passion and bond from our experiences together at Ohio University.

We feel a very strong connection to our fellow alumni and recognize the diverse talents that we have to offer.  Adam Stephens, Briant Sowell, Chuck Black, and Frederick Cash, Jr. all have various independent business initiatives but recognized that by combining our talents, we could create a platform that would be a vehicle that allows other alums to do the same.

We realize that others feel just as passionate about their alma mater, and the relationships that have been built over the years, and would value connecting for similar opportunities. This led to the development of

Business opportunities built on Alumni Relationships.


Briant Sowell

Alumni Advantage Group - Partner

Ohio University, 1994
Cleveland School of Science HS, 1988
Owner, Elusive Entertainment
Charlotte, NC
“Empowering Children with Wisdom”


Adam Stephens

Alumni Advantage Group - Partner

Ohio University, 1994
Akron Buchtel HS, 1989
Owner, A Stephens Photography & Media Co.
Richmond, VA
“Capturing life’s moments one frame at a time.”


Frederick Cash, Jr.

Alumni Advantage Group - Partner

Ohio University, 1994
St. Peter Chanel HS, 1990
Owner, Cashdude Video
Cleveland, OH
“Tell Your Story. Keep for a Lifetime.”


Charles Black

Alumni Advantage Group - Partner

Ohio University, 1994
Cleveland Benedictine HS, 1989
Owner, PUTTing On The Hitz, Inc.
Atlanta, GA
“We putt the fun back into your golf game.”

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